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The Voice 3

All good things come to an end. I have absolutely loved being a coach on The Voice of Ireland. What an amazing show! The first two seasons were quite the roller coaster ride – we took it from concept stage to the number one television program in the country and I could not be more proud.

I am very excited to be releasing my new album The Same Sun, there are a lot of promotional activities scheduled and I am embarking on a world tour very soon, so unfortunately, I cannot be with you all this season – I wish everyone involved good luck and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

P.S. I will most sincerely miss kicking Kian Egans ass! And nodding off to Bressie’s soliloquies – Ha!

Sharon x
– – – -

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  • Seán Paul

    Well Sharon, the fans are waiting for that tour, and if you do return to The Voice :) we’re all looking forward to hitt’n Twitter for #TeamSharon – IN FACT that should be a merch shirt on the tour #TeamSharon with the SC logo and tour dates ;). Btw, PLEASE COME TO THE USA ! (West Coast) on this world tour !!!.

  • Elliott

    Yes! So excited for the tour. You were great on The Voice. Please come to the UK when you can.


    ooohhh The voiice of Ireland won’t be the same anymore..

    Sharon, come to Madrid for a gig please!!!

    I wish u all the best,

  • James Boogaloo

    No Sharon on television anymore?
    What to watch now?
    I was Always watching. Only for her.
    And the talents offcourse.
    I will miss you Sharon.
    But we see eachother again in Bergen op zoom, Eindhoven or Heerlen in The Netherlands.
    Maybe i will go to all 3 of them! :-) X

  • James Boogaloo

    That’s on 7, 13 or 18 November

  • shankar

    great title dear THE SAME SUN where you get from ,,its awesome and you are the most talented personality i ever ever witnessed !! ! and no use in seeing voice anymore!! long live SHARON!!!

  • Thevirgin RealSteve


  • Ana_Dundalk

    We will miss you on The Voice, Sharon. But I`m really glad to know about your new album and your world tour! I`d like to thank you for touring in Brazil! It`s a dream coming true for us. Wish you success! PS: got my first row ticket! See you on October 17! o/

    • Dan

      You got a first row ticket Ana? Well done! take your violin along you may get invited onstage. :)

  • Dan

    The Same Sun! wow nice title. Will be great to hear I just know it!

  • Miguel Castillo

    AMAZING NEWS!! I hope you can make a quick stop in Mexico! :)

  • Gary Lee Rollins/Guitarist

    Can’t wait for the new album! Hope you are coming tho the U.S.! – Gary Lee Rollins/Guitarist

  • Shiela

    YAY SHARON Can’t wait to see your Martial arts move v Kian! And the new album too! Woot! Love love Shiela x

  • HCA

    SC glad Anderson made the tears stream down your face in laughter