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Paddy’s Day in Dubai

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, I will be playing a gig in Dubai at the Meydan Grandstand.

I’ll be playing a blend of hits from my solo album, Corrs songs I wrote and some great Irish music! ┬áCan’t wait!

sharon corr dubai Paddys Day in Dubai

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  • Street-bob

    My nice just returned from a trip to Bahrain last week and were told upon arrival they would not be let out of the hotel due to the protests. She says UAE is the safest of Arab country’s.

    I don’t know if I would go now but I bet it will be OK. When she stayed at the Burj Al Arab she said it was amazing.. Hotel lighting at that time was just being upgraded and from what I was told recently it look much better then before. That’s exciting , that would be on my list to see.

    Stay away from drifters theses guys are crazy, also camels do spit.

    So some Sheik has the Hots for you.. So how can I and Gavin compete with a Sheikh? Just remember it might be enticing but you will end up just one in a harem. Bob

    Take pictures please I would love to see them.

  • Dan

    Wow sounds very interesting Sharon. you’ll have to get HIN shoveling sand off the stage if you get a sandstorm.
    Have a great gig & I like the poster. Hopefully many new people there will discover you :)
    Take care luv Dan xo

  • Anonymous

    Have a great time, Sharon! Looking forward to hopefully seeing a bit of footage from the show. Good luck & best wishes!

    — Marie :)

  • Shiela

    Hey Sharon! Brilliant! Hope that you’d have a great time there. Just enjoy!

    All the best,
    Shiela x

  • Dave

    Hope you have a great time Sharon and that the gig is well received – enjoy some R & R whilst there too. No heroics in the surf though and keep clear of snakes ! LOL

    Dave x

  • losangelesceltas

    I hope you upload some videos of the gig

  • Onthesand

    I stumbled upon your website, great stuff!!! I wish you were coming to the US!!!

  • Edna

    Tonight will be a dream come true for me! See you later at Meydan :)

  • Frenchie

    You were great at the maydan we had a fantastic night ;) thank you xoxo

  • Street-bob

    Frenchie had fun. Well How did it go? Oh wait I have to go to sleep first hold that thought Bob

  • Street-bob

    Sharon did you see the Dubai – Burj Khalifa Fountain?

    Cool yes!

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