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Dream Of You – Album Artwork & Track Listing

Here it is – the Cover and Tracklist for Dream Of You! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

S x

Cover Artwork

Sharon Corr Dream Of You Dream Of You   Album Artwork & Track Listing

Track Listing

1. Our Wedding Day
2. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
3. So Long Ago
4. Mná Na h’Éireann
5. It’s Not A Dream
6. Smalltown Boy
7. Buenos Aires
8. Cooley’s Reel
9. Butterflies
10. Dream Of You
11. Real World
12. Love Me Better

You can leave a response below.

  • Magnificent_fan

    I'm looking forward to hearing it! Best of luck with it!

    – Marie :-)

  • Luciana Corso

    Hey, Sharon! I love the cover artwork and the tracklist. Knowing this just made me more and more anxious to buy it and listen to it every day, 24h! Hope to meet you someday in Ireland! Love ya @lucorr from Brazil!

  • Alison T

    Absolutely stunning cover Sharon! So excited to hear the finished product after following all your hard work, good luck & congratulations x

  • Street-bob

    Very elegant My little girl all grown up. Wearing a splash of Spanish in dress.
    Colors look great. The Logo with Sharon Corr and dream of you, Perfect.

    Thanks for inc. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime, also I thought Butterflies was something so new it wouldn't have a chance to make it in the album.

    You will always stay rent free in my head. Bob

  • Vincent

    Great cover ! The logo and the picture are perfect !

    However, too bad “Ears painted on” isn't in the tracklist ! This song was amazing.

  • thisGuy

    You look gorgeous & really Spanish in the cover. I love it! Looking forward to listening to the entire album. But I´ll terribly miss Ears Painted On.

  • Jovita (India)

    The cover artwork is sooooooooooo beautiful… dreamy and yet classy. So Sharon Corr!
    Would have loved Jenny's Chickens and Ears Painted On on the tracklist. Ears Painted On was cheeky and fun and am a big fan of all the intrumental pieces. But all the same I know the album will be great.
    Love and prayers for you and the album.

  • afoggynotion

    Really looking forward to hearing Butterflies and the album version of Dream of you. You couldn't have picked a better picture for the cover, kudos to the photographer, it's stunning! Best of luck with it, you really deserve it!

    - Cecilia

  • Matdg

    WoW….just wow! The cover is absolutely magical…..I've fallen in love with it. Amazing!

    Tracklist looks good! There must be a good reason some known songs are missing (reason is probably that their “replacements” are even better!!)… can't wait to hear previews! Tnx!!


  • Aitor Lara

    SHARON! it is very good BUT where are Over It and Ears Painted On?!?!
    and where are the other song we were looking forward hearing?! :(
    by the way, I am so happy!

  • claudia mulas

    Sharon,you look soooo amazing on the cover of the album!Love the picture!!Was a little surprised as everybady else to see that EPO or Over it aren't on the tracklist. Maybe as bonus tracks? Anyway…Dream of You seems gonna be perfect and can't wait to have it in my hands. Looking forward to hear Butterflies also…
    Thanks for this post!!! :)

  • Mic

    Hi Sharon, great cover, the color suits you really well.
    I expected the official tracklist with tension and it sounds gooooooood,
    but where are go Over it and Jenny's Chicken?

  • Steve Godsell

    the artwork is wonderful … looking forward 2 hearing 'Butterflies'

  • facebook-618787337

    Sharon you look gorgeous as ever, been waiting over a year for this and I can't wait :)

    Love Helena x x x x

  • SC Fan

    Hi Sharon, what a great classy and elegant photo for the cover. I am sure that all of the music on the new album will be as well.

  • Davidsnzsanz

    Hi Sharon!! The Cover Album is so good! You're look so beautiful in that dress!
    But my question is… Where is Over It and Ears Painted On. Ahh iI almost forgot Six Train I hope that tracklist change with the time! But now is good!
    Best wishes for you!

  • cymbalicgesture

    Sharon~ The album cover is absolutely gorgeous! Of course, the photographer had an excellent subject to work with! I'm really excited because you have included us all in this from the very first steps and now the big payoff is just ahead! I was really looking forward to Six Train since you gave us a glimpse of the sheet music, but maybe that will be released in the future. I hope this album is something you will be pleased with. It is your creation after all! That will make me the happiest. I cannot wait to get my copy. We are here to support you no matter what! Good luck and play from your heart!

    Big hugs from Texas!

  • Umi

    Hello,Sharon. The album cover is really beautiful. I can't wait to have it on my hand and listen to these songs.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your album in Japan too!!!
    Have a nice day.

  • Bob portland Or.

    Just a thought before going to bed

    There has to be a coming out party.

    How about a live Broadcasts over the net? You could show the party and do surprise guest interviews like say Gavin, Andrea, Caroline, Jim, and if you have to Bono.
    How Cool would that be?

    sleepy secrete admirer Bob

  • Craig

    Love the album cover Sharon it captures the beauty and spirit of you, the track list looks to be perfect, I really can’t wait to hear it all in full :-)

  • Nathalie oconnell

    the cover is really good and the tracks look excellent can wait to hear it :-)

  • Lizie_88

    wow what a stunning album cover sharon you look amazing love the colours

    counting down the days now yay

  • Carolin_corrs

    really really beautiful and great… and amazing!!!!!!!!… congratulations!!!!!… is so sweet, the colors are the best and the songs… i cant wait to take this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill be waitin in venezuela for this album !!!!!!

  • Corrsgirl1

    The artwork is amazing and I can't wait to hear the album! But I am a little sad that Over It will not be on the album. I love that song so much. And to be honest I don't like Buenos Aires too much, I'm sorry…But I know the rest of the album will be great!!!

  • Miguel Angel Suarez Rodriguez

    You look beatyfull , it is a lovelly cover.

  • Denise Amparo

    only one thing to say: BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  • Eder

    Hi Sharon!! Good cover but in my opinion it seems more a photo of a new fragance than a music cover. And I would add “Ears Painted On” and “Over It”. “Over It” is a great song ^^ Congratulations Sharon for all you are doing, great work!!


  • Yéti (France)

    A little hello from France where the album is waited with great impatience ! The melodies, the violin, the sweet and beautiful voice of Sharon are missing. I love the way Sharon plays violin, of a way so right, so aptly ! A way expresses the deepest feelings through her violin ! Sharon has created an original music style doing the violin an modern instrument, different and unique. Over it is a rare and beautiful song, but it has disappeared from the album ? The piano version is simply beautiful ! And Jenny's chickens also… I hope they will appear on the album ! Thank you very much for all these beautiful songs ! Yéti (France)

  • bruno_admirer

    Purple is the color of wisdom and mystery, the color of dreams. For me, this Cover Artwork is much better than the previous one (it's not a dream). And Sharon is so relaxed that seems to be swimming.

    Wow! She looks so powerful, a queen, wonderfully beautiful.
    Wow! Track Listing seem so perfect. Simple and deep at the same time.

    It'll be great to listen the “face of Sharon” on this album, as we listened the style of Andrea. Each of them growing your own way. When the Corrs back together, will certainly be better. Can you imagine?

    I don’t know what is more beautiful:
    Sharon's face, her kindness, or her songs. If her job is to make people happy, she's doing a great job! :)

    I swear, this picture is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It is luxurious and has an air of mystery that I love! Perfect as all that Corrs do!
    thank you very much

  • Dan

    Dear Sharon. thank you so much this is awesome! You do look fab on the cover. 12 tracks is a good number I can't wait to hear it all. Well done. Luv Dan.

  • minnie swirl

    The cover is stunning–like completely flawless! The track listing looks good–just wish “Over It” and “Ears Painted On” could've made the cut. Although I have a feeling they'll turn up somewhere, if not, they should. :)

  • Rafa_Dundalk

    Wonderful cover!!! It perfectly fits to the title of the album! I really love it!

    I don't wanna be repetitive. but please Sharon, try to do something to allow us (all of us, worldwide) to take the missing songs, pleeeeaaase!

  • chikkimok

    Hi, Sharon!! You look absolutely amazing, stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful in this cover!! Your hand is EVERYTHING – takes my breath away!! whew!

    As for the track list, I know most of us are a little disappointed that “already-loved” tracks are not included but I trust you completely on this one. We support you all the way, Sharon!! We hope to get a copy of Dream Of You sooooon. Your fans in the US will be patiently waiting (Philippines too).

    Love you,
    Chikki Mok :D

  • Meydlie

    Hello Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing this & everything else you share with us ^^
    The cover is fantastically classy, romantic & a bit dramatic at once, just like your music, VERY Sharon Corr :-)
    Choices seem strong & right both artistically & commercially, congratulations!
    I'll miss Jenny's Chicken but I'm SO glad Cooley's reel made it to the final list, it's an old time favourite you & the boys do great justice :-)
    I can also understand why tracks like Ears Painted On maybe didn't fit the overall tone of this 1st solo record so I already hope you get to release the “other side” of your works :o) In the meantime this Dream Of Your(s) is surely going to be a joy of mine :-)




  • sofia

    Nice touch with colours ……very attractive to the eye …….absolutely marvellous…..breathtaking aswell!!!
    Congratulations ! Good job.

  • Corrsmx

    Hey!!!!!, look so beautiful, it's just great, can't wait to hear you Sharon, i'm your number one fan in Mexico, please come here.

    Congratulations. Best wishes.

    Micheàl Og Ni Mhaille

  • Heather

    OMG!!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! Ahhhhh, I absolutely love the album cover and the track listing looks great! Can't wait to get it here in the US :)
    Much love always, Heather

  • Dan

    Wow Sharon I just want to say this cover is now on my desktop & I don't want to open a window because it blocks it :) I love starting my computer now :)

  • Spanish Dreamer

    You look extremely good in the cover, but I have to say that you should include Ears Painted On on the album. It could even have been a good single.
    Best Wishes from Spain
    P.S.: I'm really looking forward to see the video in the Alhambra

  • Violinroses

    I really love the cover…it couldn't represent better the spirit of the album…but I have to confess I'm really really disappointed for Ears Painted On and Over It I really looking forward for those tracks…why it disappeared from the tracklist??

  • Iara Melo

    Amazing! I'm really happy for this.
    Beautiful pic, Shaz!! =)

  • Miguel Martinez

    hola, i realy want to hear this album, i´m a Corrs fan, i hope MEXICO is include in your tour.
    Thaks for the Music.
    Miguel Martinez

  • Hugo P. – Brasil

    Hey sharon, I really loved this cover and tracklist, BUT, i miss 3 songs that u've been playing every gig u do; Over it, jenny's chickens and ears painted on. WHy won't they be at the album?? they're really good.. as said here, they are alread-loved songs.

  • Vanessa —–Mexico

    Its great that you get out your album…but i have a cuestion… what about mexico and latin america? you have a loooooooot of fans here and we wanna hear your amazing record,me and my best friend are your fans and for sure we will buy your album shazzz I LOVE YOU

  • bruno_admirer

    Jenny's Chickens and Ears Painted On. Yeah, why? Why? I can only guess that the others are even better! Maybe these songs don’t combine with the classical-romantic style of the whole masterpiece? Well, Sharon is professional, she knows what she does.

  • bruno_admirer

    We were all surprised because everyone LOVES the songs that were left out! What happened?
    But who knows they are bonus tracks avaliable only for Latin America? LOL

  • W Graham16

    wow Sharon, you sure are beautiful!!

  • Ken Tuason

    it's beautiful! it fits the album name.. dreamy.. ;)

  • Arnaud Marty

    Very nice cover, you're so much beautiful…..