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It’s Reality!

The Single – Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime – released Friday September 3rd in Ireland & Monday September 6th in the UK.

The Album – Dream Of You – released Friday September 10th in Ireland & Monday September 13th in the UK.

Warner UK for worldwide release.
Rhino for UK release.
Warner Music Ireland for Ireland

Other European/World release dates to follow….. I will keep you guys posted.

Exciting, eh?

All my love
Sharon x

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  • Matdg

    Yeah!!!! The time for the world to embrace Sharon Corr has come….. Can't wait to hear the album and great choice for a single! :-D It's familiar, yet fresh and new…. bring on September!

  • Jochum Sipma

    That is great news Sharon, thanks for sharing :)

  • Michel Vilela

    Brazil needs youuu!!!

  • Lisa M

    YAY! I'm so happy for you, Sharon! You must be so excited! I know I am, ha!

    I can't wait to get this album in my hands! Well done on all your hard work so far. xxx

  • Forum

    Finally, it is here! looking forward :-)


  • Octavio

    Great news!!!!! at last!!!
    ^^ can't wait to hear your version of Everybody's Gotta Learn xD

  • Damián Muzzio

    Congratulations! Greets from Argentina!

  • Lara Freitas

    U r so great! And I´m so proud! Please, come to Brazil! We´re still waiting! luv ya!

  • Valdir Maia

    I´m so happy for you Sharon!!!
    Come to Brazil, we love you!!!

  • Lisa M

    Sorry for the major comment fail. My internet got over-excited in all the excitement.

  • Leslie

    OMG!! That is supercalafragiliticexpealadocious!!!
    Congrats to you Sharon! You deserve every good thing coming your way!

    Leslie xx

  • Kerena

    Fabulous news!! x

  • Ivocorr

    OH MY GOD o T_T = that's AMAZING

  • Dan

    Thanks for the News Sharon. All the best of luck with it Lisa & I can't wait for Aussie release! I hope it does really well chart wise. We love you! Dan.

  • Chema

    Great news Sharon! I'm expecting for the release date in Europe (Spain)

  • Graciele

    I´m very happy with the news ! Go Sharon o


  • John Spierings

    Wow! Congratulations from the Netherlands. Do you know if there will be special editions of the album?

  • Bruna Mara

    OMG, September 13th!!!!
    Shaz gives me an album signed as a birthday present! lol…. My birthday is on September 12th, the release of her album is the best present I could receive!

    All my love

    Bruna Mara

  • atgm

    This is amazing news!

  • vivi ferreira

    shaz this news are amazing! I´m very happy!!!!

  • Melissa

    So excited right now! Thank you so much Sharon! Really excited and happy for you! Just two months away! :)

  • Ana Dundalk

    I should not be here because I'm working but who cares????
    I'm so happy that I could even be fired right now!!!
    Thanks so much Sharon!
    =))))))))))) x

  • cameron

    Wonderful news for all Sharon Corr fans.

  • Onievas

    We are expecting in Spain!!

  • Naiha Porto

    Omg!! That's so cool!! :DDD I'm so excited xDDD
    “Dream of you” is my favorite song :DDDDD I'm so happy!!!
    Greetings from Brazil <3

  • Cesar

    Just the news I'd been waiting for for a long time. Thanks Sharon!!!! :D

  • Paul Suyat

    Weeeee! Thanks Sharon! Looking forward to it :)

  • Úrsula

    yes,so exciting that I had to turn off the pc….now waitting for the rest of the world dates….thank you Sharon!

  • Rafa_Dundalk

    Yeeeeeessssss Sharon!!!!! So exciting!!!
    This is the best news I could ever read!!!! (No, I think I can read something about “Sharon Corr in Brazil”. This one would be great too! I hope to read it soon! ;~D )

    Waiting for Worldwide relese. But I think I will not stand waiting for this, rsrsr. I'll make what I can to buy my copy as soon as possible! ;~D

    Congrats Sharon! I'm happy becouse of this news, I'm happy because of you!
    So much succes and my best wishes!

    Brazil (come, come, come…)

  • Jess ॐ

    OMG I'm sooo happy with this news!

  • Rique Meirelles

    Basically released for by birthday! I cannot believe this!


  • Hugo Pansini


    so exciting news *.*

    cannot wait for worldwide release.. yaaah c'mon Brazil !!

  • Magnificent_fan

    Yay!!!! Great news, Sharon! Very, very excited to hear this. :-)

    – Marie :-)

  • Street-bob

    The news is flying westward and now reaching Portland Oregon.
    I hope Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime is on the album.
    EbGLS and No Frontiers is just perfect for you,and this is going to be very interesting to see what the final songs sound like.

    I never understood why you didn't sing more with the band, but now all that suppressed talent will be released.

    ádh mór ort!

  • Ti Anna 2

    YAY!!!! This is such great news Sharon! Very, very excited to hear the single and album! we know how much you have put into this and you deserve the best :)
    love from Canada xx

  • Sosocorrs

    XD I am too satisfied!!!! I look forward to having the date of release in France ;)

  • camille

    wohooooooo!!!! that's great news =)
    I can't wait to know the date for release in France! I hope it will be soon!
    thanks for posting,
    love from France,
    xx Camille

  • Robert Tafoya

    Sharon I really hope your album gets released in the United States. I look forward to purchasing your new album at the local Wal-Mart.

  • cymbalicgesture

    OMGosh! It's finally happening. Congratulations, Sharon! I know it will be worth the wait. Here's wishing you the best always! Of course, I can't wait until I can get my hands on a copy.

  • minnie swirl

    It's not a dream, it's REALITY!!! Yea!!! Dates!!!! Congratulations and WOOHOO for us!

  • Violinroses

    Of course we are all exciting Sharon! Congratulation for that! This is the beginning of an old dream ;)
    I wish you all the success you deserve!
    We'll be here!

    Anyway can't wait for the french date!


  • RachMuzik

    It's finally happening. Congratulations, Sharon! I know it will be worth the wait. You deserve every success it bring you!
    We'll be behind you every step of the way liek we have been x

  • chinnapong

    Wish that your album will be released in Thailand too. Hope so, or else, I'll buy an import right away. :D

  • Jovita (India)

    :) :) :) Looks like i might be able to import a copy and have it reach me by my birthday on the 29th of September. Thanks for unknowingly timing the release perfectly. Lots of love and prayers … for success and love from all around the world.

  • Manuel Jesus

    please please PLEASE I hope your album gets released here in Spain soon too!!!
    Congratulations Sharon!!!

  • Elizabeth

    great news!!! I hope your album will be released in MEXICO soon….

    please come to MEXICO!!!!

  • Elliott

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Can't wait!

  • Corrsmx

    Great Sharon, i wish you the best, please come to Mexico in a tour, thank you very much, you are the best.

  • Alex

    I was waiting this moment for a long time!! Finally!!
    I hope the album will be released in Portugal soon!
    But probably i will not wait until then!
    Congratulations Sharon. You deserve!

  • Mike Shaw

    Great news! Looking forward to this and an opportunity to see it live :)